What's The Best Way To Introduce Your ‪Baby‬ To a ‪Bottle‬?

Most lactation experts suggest waiting until your baby is at least a month old and Baby Breast Feeding Online is well established before introducing a bottle. If you're returning to work, start bottle-feeding at least two weeks before your start date so you both have time to adjust.

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Sucking milk from a bottle requires different mouth and tongue movements than breastfeeding, so it may take your baby a little time to get used to the change.

Try these tips for a smooth transition:

• Offer him a bottle in the evening after his regular feeding to get him used to the nipple. Start with a small amount of breast milk.

• Try a slow-flow nipple. For some babies, especially infants, a regular nipple may flood them with milk. If your baby gags when using a bottle, replace his nipple with a slow-flow one to see if that helps.

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• Let someone else feed him the first bottle. If you try to give your baby his first bottle, he may wonder why he's not getting your breast. He may be less confused if someone else makes the introduction. Ask your mother, your partner, a childcare provider, or a friend to help.

• Try to be out of the house. A baby can smell his mother, even from a distance, so he may know that you (and your breasts) are just in the next room/nearby.

What should you try if baby resists taking a bottle?

Some babies take to the bottle without much effort, but others struggle quite a bit with the transition.

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If your baby is having a hard time, try these techniques:

• Put some breast milk on the nipple. When your baby tastes it, he/she may start sucking to get more. (Don't use honey; it may harm your children if they are less than 12 months.)

• Let your baby play with the nipple so he/she can familiarize herself with it. If she just chews on it, let her for now. She may actually start sucking on it soon.

• Hold your baby in a different position: Put him/her in an infant or car seat so she is semi-upright, and then feed her the bottle while facing her

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• Try different temperatures. It could be your baby prefers her milk slightly warmer or colder than you've been giving it to her. Experiment with different temperatures to see what he/she prefers. You might also see if there's a difference between giving her fresh milk or milk that's been frozen.

• Offer the bottle at other times of day. If your baby won't take the bottle during the day, try offering it during a nighttime feeding or vice versa.

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