How to find the best AC?

As our planet gets warmer and warmer, there are only so many ways you can deflect it. If the budget is a constraint then fan could be the only option but it cannot help reduce the temperature. The best option then is to install an Air Conditioner in the room. An AC will help get through the scorching summer temperatures comfortably.

Most important thing to keep in mind after you decide to buy a AC is the capacity. It is imperative to install a AC with the right capacity, as a unit with low capacity will not be sufficient to cool the room.
A BTU, short for British thermal unit, is a standardized measurement of energy. As a thumb rule used internationally, for every square foot, you need 20 Btu/hr (British Thermal Units per hour). The Btu for an AC usually ranges from 5,000 to 24,000, with 12,000 Btu being equivalent to one ton. Some AC companies have calculators on their website like voltas ac to help determine the requirement.

The moment one enters a AC showroom, the salesperson is bound to ask if the requirement is of a window AC or split model. Though window AC is comparatively cheaper and easy to install, split models are quieter and aesthetically pleasing and distributes air better. Installing a split model has it own implications as it has two units one inside the house and the compressor unit outside and involves renovation. Usually, a 1-ton split voltas ac will cost about Rs. 5000 more than a window model.

Below are a few points to consider once you decide to invest in an Air Conditioner:

Silence is Golden

Models which are considered excellent or very good are so quiet that one can hear only the fan running. Window AC as mentioned earlier are a bit noisy compared to split models.


Window AC generally would do a good job blowing air in one direction. Some have fan arms that swivel. Split models on the hand have are better in air distribution and can be fixed in the center of the room.

voltas ac
Locate the Filter

To keep the unit in tip-top condition, filter should be easily accessible to clean.

Smart Cooling

Downloading smart apps helps to control and adjust the AC from a Smartphone.

Watch the Warranty

Some air conditioners have longer warranties. At the time of purchase, check the manufacturer's website for information and ask the retailer warranty about that model and brand. Some manufacturers/retailers also offer annual maintenance contract which can come in handy to maintain the air condition.

Most of the brands including voltas ac comes with convenient features like digital displays, built-in timers, and remote controls. All air conditioning units are labelled with their EER (Energy Efficiency Rating). Units with higher ratings mean lower greenhouse emissions and low monthly electric bills. Look for air conditioner features that affect performance and efficiency.

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