Pros and Cons of different type of ac units

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Air conditioning is a process of removing heat from a given space by cooling the air and removing humidity. This is especially done to make the interior environment more comfortable for humans or animals. It is also used to dehumidify/cool rooms filled with hear producing electronic devices such as a computer server room, power amplifiers. In the most general sense, air conditioning can refer to any form of technology that alters the condition of air (heating, cooling, (de-) humidification, cleaning, ventilation, or air movement). 

The below comparison list the pros and cons of each type of each system type. Please note that the cost of each type vary by manufacturer. For eg: Hitachi ac will be cheaper than other brands for split type.

HVAC Air Conditioning and Heating System.

This system is cost effective and convenient to condition large space or a property. However, it has its drawbacks as well.

Pros of HVAC Units

It provides overall cooling and heating to every room that is equipped with a vent connected to a network of ductwork.
Systems will cycle on or off to adjust the interior temperature.

Cons of HVAC Units

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Ductwork can be an expensive affair and can be prone to leaking due to ageing or when damaged.
Unable to adjust the temperature of room individually.
Installation should factor the cost of ductwork and labour.
In case of an upgrade, the ductwork needs to be modified as well to ensure compliance.

Window Units

This type of unit whether installed on a wall or window has been cooling homes for years. Due to improvement in technology, these have improved in energy efficiency.

Pros of Window Units

They come in a variety of sizes as per the individual's needs and the area of the room to be conditioned.
Window units are easy to install as it needs to be simply placed in a window or through the wall.
These units are affordable compared to other types of units. For eg; Window Hitachi ac is much economical than buying the split type of same capacity.

Cons of Window Units

It is not as versatile as a portable unit.
Window Units are noisier than their counterparts like split type or HVAC.

Split Units

They are the newest option in cooling. These systems consist of two basic parts: a large condenser unit that installs outdoors and one or more compact wall-mountable blower units that are placed strategically inside the zones or spaces to be cooled.

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 Pro's of Split Units

They look visually aesthetic compared to the window units.
Spilt units are very quiet and have better air distribution.
They have higher energy efficiency rating and thus savings on energy bills.

Cons of Split Units

Installation should factor professional labour cost.

Whatever be the preferred type of AC, it all depends on one's requirements as per space, location and budget. With so many deals available online, like for eg on Hitachiac, it is imperative that a decision has to factor in all the pro's and con's while selecting a particular type of air conditioning system. 

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